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Ver 1.2, Apr 20, 2007

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Scott's JPEG Commenter is a tool used to insert comments into JPEG files. It's meant to be fast, simple, and intuitive. The utility is free for noncommercial use. So why are JPEG comments useful? Well, they're kind of like writing on the back cover of a photograph -- you can jot down information about the image: where it was taken, who is in it, dates/times, etc.

The software is also useful to view existing JPEG comments. Many programs (such as photoshop) automatically insert a comment. You might also find comments in photos that you download from the web. Scott's JPEG commenter can also be used to remove comments from images if you have a commented image that you want to de-comment.

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Scott's JPEG Commenter is compatible with ALL recent versions of Windows, including 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and Vista!

No Hassle Guarantee:

This software features the SB-Software "No Hassle Guarantee". This software contains NO spyware, NO adware, NO viruses, NO trojans, has NO disabled features, and does NOT expire.

Recent New Features:

Version 1.2 includes a new search feature that can let you search the comments of all of the jpeg files in the current directory.

Screen Shot
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Fast Facts and Features
  • Explorer-like interface
  • Nice big comment editing window
  • Built in thumbnail viewer
  • Fast, simple, and efficient.

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