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Ver 1.2, Aug 14, 2005

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Interactive DNS query tool that lets you query your DNS records and see exactly what is stored there (A records, MX records, etc). The functionality is similar to what you'd get with the unix "dig" or "nslookup" commands, but with a windows GUI interface. Interactive DNS Query allows you to select the servers that you want to query (i.e. you're not restricted into using the servers that your windows machine is configured to use).

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Interactive DNS query is a standalone version of the DNS Query tool that is built into DNS Watcher. DNS Watcher adds more capabilities such as automatic monitoring of your DNS servers and verification that your servers are operating correctly.

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Fast Facts and Features
  • Free utility
  • Queries DNS records from servers
  • Displays results of DNS queries -- A records, PTR records, etc
  • Helps you diagnose DNS related problems

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