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DNS stands for the "Domain Name System" and is the mechanism by which internet host names are converted into numeric IP addresses. For example, when you want to visit, your computer connects to a domain name server, and resolves the host name ( into it's numeric IP address -- in this case

But, DNS is also much much more than that. In addition to the "A" records that convert host names into addresses, there are also MX records that control mail exchange, PTR records that are useful in reverse resolution, TXT records that can hold arbitrary text, and about a half dozen more classes of records.

Interactive DNS Query is a tool designed to allow you to query a DNS server from your windows machine and see exactly what records are contained on it. Who would want to do this? The most obvious answer is web administrators who need to confirm that their DNS servers are providing the correct answers.

Interactive DNS Query is a very simple to use GUI tool. It's free for you to use and does not have any restrictions, disabled features, expiration, or any other frustrating limitations. It gets the job done. period.