SMTP Watcher

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SMTP Watcher is designed to monitor your SMTP (incoming mail) servers and notify you if the server stops responding. It does this by periodically opening a TCP connection to the server to verify that the server is still active and listening for incoming connections.


We're going to assume that you already know what an SMTP server is, and know the difference between an SMTP server and a POP/IMAP server. If you don't already know these things, then you probably don't need this software.

Quick Start:

When you open the SMTP Watcher window for the very first time, you'll see a big list where you can enter the names of the servers that you wish to watch. To get started, let's enter some servers to monitor:

  1. Press the <Add> button to add a server entry
    1. This will open up an "add smtp watcher entry" dialog
    2. Enter your server name into the "smtp server address" box
    3. Press <Ok> when you've got it right
  2. Repeat the above step #1 for any servers that you want to add
  3. Press the <Run Now> button to check all of the servers in the list

Main Form Buttons:

The main form has several buttons that are used to interact with the servers/hostnames in the list box:

<Run Now> Process all of the servers  in the list, checking each one and presenting the results on the screen. Entries will appear with a yellow dot while they are being checked, a green icon if they are good, or a red icon if they are bad.
<Add> Add another entry to the list
<Edit> Edit one of the entries in the List
<Delete> Delete an entry in the list
<Enable> / <Disable> These two buttons together allow you to enable or disable individual entries. If an entry is disabled, SMTP watcher will not check it.

Main Form Settings:

The auto-run setting will cause SMTP Watcher to periodically poll the servers in the list.

The record Log File setting will log the results to a text file


This software is not free! You are allowed to evaluate the software for a limited amount of time. If you find the softwareuseful and continue to use it, then you must register to continue using the product.

Complete registration information is available at

Registrations may be paid for online in a variety of methods (credit card, etc), or may be made through the mail. See the website site at

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