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This is the main window of Scott's Wallpaper Switcher. Here you can see that we have several wallpapers listed. For this example, I've installed one of Lynda Carter, three of Courteney Cox, and one of Gillian Anderson. You can install as many wallpapers as you'd like -- the program should be able to handle hundreds or even thousands of them.

The "Auto-sequence" checkbox will let you turn on or off automatic wallpaper switching. The auto-load checkbox should be self-explanatory...

The boss feature is something that user's have requested. It goes all the way back to the first PC games, where there was always a "boss key" if the boss came around and you needed to look like you are working. This serves a similar purpose -- some people have wallpaper that might not be appropriate for their work environment, etc... The boss key (actually a "boss button" in our case) can be used for those circumstances.

Just because anything you can do once is better done twice, here is a second screen shot of the main window, this time showing Gillian Anderson wallpaper:

The program doesn't come with any wallpaper (the Lynda Carter / Wonder Woman / Gillian Anderson wallpapers pictured in the screenshots are not included).  You can find all sorts of wallpaper on the web by searching for it -- try your favorite search engine. In particular, look for wallpaper that has standard computer monitor dimensions -- like 1024x768, 1280x1024, etc. That way you can set the wallpaper to "stretch" mode and it won't distort your aspect ratio.

Side note: If you don't know what a distorted aspect ratio is, here's an example:

You can see we started out with a wallpaper that as 768x1024, and put it on a desktop that was 1024x768. The lady on the right doesn't look quite the same as the one on the left. That's why it's always nice to pick a wallpaper that is in normal screen dimensions (an aspect ratio of about 1.33).

Version 1.4 of wallpaper switcher adds a "nonlinear stretch" mode that can help take care of these aspect ratio issues. The nonlinear stretch works by keeping objects at the center of the image in the correct aspect ratio, while stretching objects near the edges. Let's take another look at our sample courteney cox wallpaper and see how the nonlinear modes work on it:


Courteney Cox picture Courteney Cox, stretched Courteney Cox, nonlinear stretch Courteney Cox, nonlinear-2 stretch Courteney Cox, nonlinear-3 stretch
Original, 487x600
Stretched to 1280x1024
The original picture is, of course, the best one of the lot, but the dimensions of 487x600 are not compatible with the desktop. If we try the basic stretch, the body is stretched significantly. However, if we try the nonlinear-1 stretch, the central portion of the body is not stretched as much. Progressing through nonlinear-2 and nonlinear-3 we see the body in the center of the image getting more like the original, but the fingertips at the edges of the image become more distorted. That's how the nonlinear stretches work.