Know your Star Trek Cleavage



Welcome to the Know your Star Trek Cleavage Game. This is a silly and rather moronic little game that I threw together from some old Star Trek screen shots. If you're looking for a little more serious of a trivia challenge, then you can check out the Know your Star Trek Quotes page, or even vote in the Hottest Star Trek Babe quiz.

First, let's get something off our chest -- we're going to show you some pictures of some very hot starfleet ladies, and lets see if you can identify which rack goes with which star trek hottie. To get started click a link below:

Quick 5-question quiz

Standard Starfleet Academy 10-question knowledge test

Advanced Starfleet Academy 25-question female officer master recognition exam



Definition: cleavage

noun {C or U:} the space between a woman's breasts, that is seen when she wears a piece of clothing which does not cover the top of them. Ex: Marina Sirtis was wearing a low-cut uniform which showed off her cleavage.

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Okay, since you read all the way down to the bottom of the page, I'll give you a couple of hints... Counselor Troi is the most numerous in the test because she's by far the hottest actress ever to appear in Star Trek. There's a lot of T'Pol in there too, just because she fills out that suit sooo well. And of course, Hoshi Sato (linda park) is the one who likes to parade about on the starship topless.