Who's the hottest Star Trek Babe?
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I hope you enjoyed voting. The results of the Star Trek poll are below. There's also another poll you can vote in: Who's the hottest Science Fiction Chick. Please also visit my Know Your StarTrek Quotes online trivia game and test your Star Trek knowledge.

Sub-Commander T'Pol
6035 votes  
Seven of Nine
3922 votes  
Yeoman Rand
2724 votes  
Deanna Troi
2114 votes  
Ensign Hoshi Sato
1779 votes  
Duras Sisters
1201 votes  
Ezri Dax
1176 votes  
Beverly Crusher
1051 votes  
Lieutennant Nyota Uhura
1009 votes  
Jadzia Dax
1006 votes  
Kira Norys
910 votes  
Tasha Yar
808 votes  
B'Elanna Torres
641 votes  
585 votes  
Kathryn Janeway
511 votes  
Dr. Pulaski
308 votes  

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I'm also looking for trivia questions for a "Know Your Star Trek Babes" trivia game that I can put online. If you've got any good suggestions for trivia questions, send me an email message. Questions related to episodes are mainly what I'm looking for, especially in situations that are mildly suggestive (nothing profane, please!), keeping with the "Star Trek Babe" theme. For example: "Which Starfleet officer was beamed away by a Ferengi captain  without her uniform" (answer: Troi) or "Which Starfleet officer lost her top while crawling through a hatchway" (answer:  Hoshi).

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