Anomalous Wind Speed (and Temperature) Readings

Lee Staudacher has been working on finding the cause of some anomalous readings on the WX200 wind sensor. Lee's symptoms were signalling of the wind speed alarm when the wind speed in reality did not exceed the alarm setting. I too have experienced some oddities with max windspeed readings and min/max temperature readings being out of bounds.

When talking to technical support, Lee received the following comment:

----- Quote from technical Support

We have discovered with our testing inhouse that if you have any amateur radio equipment in the vacinity, this can skew the results. Winding the cord through a ferrite choke several times by the ammometer has worked to correct this problem. This might be something you could try.

----- End of Quote

I'll post more information as the situation develops. Lee is working on setting up a choke on his system and should have details to report soon.

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