WX200 Origins & Background

Lee Staudacher

Just did some research on the WX-200 via altavista search engine!

The WX-200 is made by HUGER ELECTRONICS in Germany! Their model number is WM-918! It is sold by Organ Scientific Products in the USA!

To see a PICTURE of the WM-918 - go to -http://www.oregonscientific.com/wm918.html

Note the TEMP sensor is WHITE- that is what it should be to REFLECT heat!!


The Huger Electronics GmbH, Villingen Schwenningen, is prominent provider in the area LCD Consumer Electronics. The enterprise was created 1946 as barometer factory and belonged since 1990 to the international company Integrated display Technology (IDT), Hong Kong. Huger Electronics sells electronic products of the nut/mother company IDT in entire Europe since 1993. With numerous addresses in Europe the IDT group of firms employs world-wide over 4000 coworkers. The product range covers among other
things electronic thermometers, hygrometers, radio bells, Organizer, sport electronics as well as test and measuring instruments.

Editorship contact

Huger Electronics GmbH
Marion Friedrich
Niederwiesenstrasse 28
78050 VS Villingen
Telephone: 0 77 21 / 20 03 89

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