SBRail: Model Railroad ScreenSaver

(c) Scott M. Baker, 

SBRail is a ScreenSaver for Windows-95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. You must have DirectDraw version 7 installed on your computer to use this ScreenSaver. If you do not have DirectDraw and need it, I suggest searching the web ( is a good place) for "DirectDraw" or "DirectX".

I will also try to keep a few links to DirectX available from my SBRail page at

Specifically, this ScreenSaver displays a scrolling train on your screen. The cars in the train are randomly selected and put together.

There are two display modes:

SBRail will attempt to automatically choose the correct mode depending on your hardware configuration. However, you can override this choice by choosing 'Setup' from the Windows ScreenSaver Configuration. If output is too jittery or blocky and you're operating in normal mode, then you may wish to force it to Legacy mode which should reduce the jitter.

For registered users, there are a few "bonus cars" that can be enabled. The bonus cars will have a lower probability of being displayed than the normal cars. In general, they're kind of silly, but I felt the need to give registered users a few perks over the people who don't register. Registered users also get the option to turn off the "title screen" that appears whenever the screensaver starts.


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