SBNews Screen Shots

The following images contain screen shots of an actual SBNews session in progress:

[shot1.gif] Choosing the newsgroups you want to receive. SBNews automatically maintians a newsrc file for you, so you can simply point and click to the newsgroups that you want!

[shot2.gif] SBNews in "large" format, downloading a few pictures. Notice in the log window the "rejected" feature automatically rejecting a post that you dont want, the "no mask" feature rejecting a file that didn't match a user-supplied mask, and "too many xref" automatically rejecting a SPAM message posted from some off-topic advertiser.

[shot4.gif] SBNews in "tabbed" format, exercising new Windows-95 features. The tabbed style allows you to better utilize screen space by focusing on the information in one tab at a time rather than displaying it all in one huge ugly display.

[shot5.gif] SBNews in "tabbed" format, this time looking at the previously downloaded image.

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