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Update - 1/17/2005

The update from version 9.5 to 10.2 represents the most significant changes to SBNews in a long time. The main change is an upgrade of the socket communication code from an older generation 1 implementation to the new generation 3 sbsocket/asyncsocket implementation that is also used in Android, QuadNews, and my other news readers.

The new implementation adds support for encrypted SSL usenet access. SSL usenet is being promoted by many news providers, including giganews. It encrypts the traffic between the news server and your newsreader (i.e. SBNews), thus providing additional security to your connection, protecting your password, and preventing other computers from snooping on your news connection.

The other main change from 9.5 to 10.2 is a move from the older Borland C++ to Borland C++ Builder compiler. At the same time, many of SBNews' dialog boxes have received a facelift to look better under Windows Vista. There have been some other changes, such as the ditching of the older help files in favor of the html users manual.

As there are so many changes, I would appreciate any bug reports be sent to