ePassBook Password Repository

(c) SB-Software, Scott M. Baker, smbaker@sb-software.com


This software is intended to store all of your passwords and other private information. It is specifically designed to store (name, password) pairs which are similar to what most people use to access websites. The program grew out of my own needs -- having litterally hundreds of passwords and needing a place to store them all. This software uses cryptography to ensure that the passwords are protected on disk, so an attacker cannot find them.

Cryptographic Security:

The Rijndael / AES encryption mechanism is used. Rijndael (pronounced rain-dahl) is the algorithm that has been selected by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as the candidate for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).


  1. Load the software
  2. Use the File:New menu option to create a new password file
  3. Enter passwords using the <Add> button
    1. When you add a password, you'll need to enter the following information:
      • Site Name
      • User Name
      • Password
      • Description (optional)
      • Url (optional)
      • Notes (optional)
  4. By default, passwords are hidden in the main window to prevent observation. You can use the <view> button to view a password entry.


Main Window Buttons

The add button adds a new password entry to the list. A dialog box will be created that prompts you for the site name, user name, password, etc.

This button deletes the currently hilighted entry from the list. Once deleted, an entry cannot be recovered.

The edit button allows you to edit the fields of a password entry. For example, you can change the decsription, password, notes, etc.

The view button will display the password entry onscreen. It is necessary in the case that you have selected the preference option that hides the password text in the main window. In that case, the only way to view the password for a password entry is with the view button.

The visit button launches an internet explorer (or whatever browser you've configured as your default) browser to view the current site. To use this feature, you must have entered a web address in the "url" field of the password entry.

The notes button displays a window containing the notes field of the password entry.


This software is not free! You are allowed to evaluate the software for a limited amount of time. If you find the softwareuseful and continue to use it, then you must register to continue using the product.

Complete registration information is available at http://www.sb-software.com/credit/

Registrations may be paid for online in a variety of methods (credit card, etc), or may be made through the mail. See the website site at http://www.sb-software.com/

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