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This software is compatible with Windows version 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and Vista.

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Below is a picture of the DNS Watcher main window:

DNS Watcher monitoring a DNS server

You can see several features. The listbox contains a list of DNS servers and host names to query. The 'Enabled' field tells whether DNS watcher will poll for that entry. The 'Last Result' field shows what happened on DNS Watcher's last attempt. The 'good' and 'bad' counts show how many successful and unsuccessful attempts have occurred.

The auto-run checkbox allows you to control how often DNS Watcher will poll your servers. The log file field allows you to enter the name of a file where results will be recorded to.

The DNS Watcher main window can be minimized to the windows taskbar / system tray and can be set to popup when an error occurs.