SB-Software Product Registration

Scott M. Baker,

Register now at -- and be up and running in minutes!

Shareware is not free! You are expected to pay for this software if you find it useful!

My shareware programs are registered as a "package deal". Registering for any one program grants you rights to use all of the others. I feel this represents a much better value than other authors who charge separate fees for each one of their programs. Your one-time payment of $29.95 will grant you registration of every program listed in this document.

Registration is good for all versions -- past, present, and future -- of the programs listed in this file. You only need to register once.

Below is a brief listing of some of the programs covered by registration. For a complete list, visit

SBNews/News Robot SBJV: Image Viewer SB Image Explorer SBWcc
QuadSucker/News Ultrasucker/News Binary Vortex SBLog Analyzer
QuadSucker/Web Ultrasucker/Web SortPics SBPop
SnapRecorder XCPlan    

All of the programs listed above are high-quality applications. SB-Software is the only company that gives you a complete Internet solution for a single one-time lifetime registration payment! For example, download from newsgroups with SBNews/News Robot, Binary Vortex, or QuadSucker/News, download from websites using SBWcc or QuadSucker/Web, categorize saved images with SortPics or SBJV -- you have all the tools that you need!

Registration Policy (via US-Mail):

  1. Mail $29.95 (a personal check made out to "Scott M. Baker" is fine) to my US-Mail address. Include your EMAIL address with the check. [You can also register online via credit card; see below]
  2. I will generate a registration code that corresponds to the email you included. I will email this registration code back to you at the address you provided.
  3. Along with the registration code, the email details how to use your registration code. Usually it's just a simple matter of clicking a register menu item and typing the code in -- you can even save some typing by cutting and pasting the registration code from the email message.
  4. Your registration is good forever, and will be supported under ALL FUTURE VERSIONS of these programs.

International orders are welcome!

We recognize that many overseas users require a simple and cost effective way to register. The best way to do this is via credit card as the card processor automatically converts currency for you, plus you get your code immediately with no waiting. However, should you wish to register by mail, that is welcome also. When registering internationally by mail, please use a US Postal Money order, or currency (paper money) wrapped in stiff paper. We do welcome your native currency, but please DO NOT send 'eurochecks' or similar European checks as my domestic bank will not process them.

Online Registration via Credit Card:

I support online credit card registration with a secure web server. You can find my software registration page at This page includes instructions and will direct you to the ordering page which is located on a secure server.

The secure server supports the Secure Sockets Layer and encrypts your credit card information so that it cannot be intercepted or tampered with by anyone. It's a widely accepted standard and absolutely the safest way to do business on the web. We also accept orders via a third party shareware service, RegNow -- a link is available at

Your registration code will be generated and emailed to your email address immediately after your registration information has been accepted and validated by the system. The whole process only takes a minute or two.

Once you have received your code, just enter it into the software as described in the preceding section. It's very easy, and you'll be up and running in no time at all!

The charge will appear on your credit card as "SB Software".

Specific registration benefits include:

  1. Removal of "shareware delay" in SBNews/Newsbot, SBJV, and SB Image Explorer, Sortpics, etc.
  2. SBNews/Newsbot's automatic start command line feature.
  3. By supporting the author, you encourage me to continue devoting work to the project, which in turn causes me to create a superior product, which ultimately benefits you!
  4. Deactivation of advertising in my AdSoftware supported products (SBWcc, SBJV, etc)

Please do consider registering this shareware if you continue to use it. The programming is very involved and time consuming, and it really gives me a lot more incentive to add new features if I receive compensation for my work.

How to contact me:


For details on registering by US Mail, visit 


My Homepage:

I have several different domains/websites for redundancy purposes. If you can't get through to one, then please try the others:

Fax/Answering Machine:

Details for faxing registrations are available online at

I also try to maintain recent copies of my shareware on the following sites:

If all of the above fail, you might want to try the search site. Their address is

About the shareware philosophy:

Many of you are familiar with shareware, but for some it is a new concept. Shareware is not free software. Shareware simply entitles you to evaluate the software for a certain period of time before having to pay for it. That way, you can make sure that the software is really worthwhile before you have to part with your hard-earned money.

While I usually do not place an explicit evaluation term on my programs, I would expect that if you find the software useful for 30 days or more, then you should pay for it. It's the right thing to do. Paying for the software is usually referred to as "registering", and when your payment is received, I will send you a registration code. This registration code can then be entered into the software, removing any "nag" features (such as "delays") that might be present. Most of my programs also have an about box that proudly displays your name, so that all your friends will know that you supported the software.

All of my software features a lifetime registration policy. You only have to register once. If I release a new version of a particular program, your registration is automatically good for it. You need never register again.

My registrations operate as a package deal. Paying the registration fee entitles you to registered status in every single program listed in this document. Even if you don't need them all, chances are you find use for several of them. For example, suppose you want a binary news downloader (SBNews), a web downloader (SBWcc), a viewer (SBJV), and a sorting utility (SortPics). From another shareware author, this would probably result in four different programs and four different registration fees, to a total of $80-$100. With my policy, one low registration fee of $29.95 pays for them all!

So why should you register? Registering provides me with the financial support that I need to continue my programming efforts. The more registrations I receive, the greater my incentive to continue working on a project. The more work I put into a project, the better the finished product, and the more you'll enjoy it. So you can see that by registering you ultimately benefit yourself!

About SB-Software:

SB-Software is the company name that I use to market my shareware programs. SB-Software is owned, operated, and staffed by Scott Baker (that's me!). It's a one man operation and I handle all technical support, questions, and registrations personally. I am the author of all software on the site, and all software listed in this document. I feel this is the best way to ensure that everyone gets the support that they deserve. When you ask a question, you will receive a response directly from the author, which guarantees information will be as accurate as possible.

I am always open to suggestions, feature requests, or bug reports pertaining to my software. Feel free to email me anytime.

I've been writing shareware since the mid-1980s when I started with a highly successful line of BBS games (Galactic Warzone, Land of Devastation, and others). I do consider shareware to be a serious occupation from which I derive my livelihood.

Visit the sb-software website at for updates and information on all of my products.