The Exclusive SB-Software Package Deal

SB-Software is unique in that I offer a "package deal" registration policy that includes ALL of my current shareware programs. For one low registration fee, you get all of the software listed below:

Internet Tools:    
SBNews/News Robot SBWcc: Web Camcorder SBPop Email Notification
QuadSucker/News Ultrasucker/News Binary Vortex
QuadSucker/Web Ultrasucker/Web SBLog Log Analyzer
SBRail SBLM78 SBHttpStat
SB Expert Tools ePassBook DNS Watcher
SMTP Watcher Groovy Hex Editor  
Image Tools:    
SBJV: Image Viewer SB Image Explorer SortPics
Aviation Software:    
ForPilots Logbook ForPilots XCPlan ForPilots PalmTest
ForPilots Pocket Test ForPilots CheckList  
The best way to locate all of the software included in the package deal is by visiting the SB-Software Shareware and Freeware Projects Page.

New programs are constantly appearing, and if you register the package deal, you will get the new software as it appears!

Remember, the SB-Software Package Deal registration is a lifetime registration. This means that you only pay once. Your registration automatically includes all future versions of the software!

Common Questions

Why do you sell them in a package deal?

Most of the programs share a common theme -- for example, the core image viewer used in SBJV is also part of SB Image Explorer and SBNews. QuadSucker/Web and UltraSucker/Web share the same download engine. I fell it's a much better deal to give a person ALL of the above utilities than to make them pick and choose.

SBNews, Binary Vortex, or QuadSucker alone are more than worth the $29.95 registration fee. Competing authors sell their single threaded news downloaders for $30, $50, or even as much as $75. I prefer to serve many customers at a low price than to serve few customers at a high price.

What if I don't need some of them?

Chances are you might... For example, your primary interest may be SBNews/News Robot. After many long days of downloading newsgroups, you come across a website you need to download -- well you're in luck, because the "package deal" entitled you to QuadSucker/Web, an excellent website downloader.

Or suppose you have a large collection of images to sort through -- just whip out SortPics -- the package deal has already provided you with a registered copy.

What if you write something new, will I get it too?

Most of the new software I write goes right into the package deal -- existing customers automatically get registered versions. I do guarantee that all future versions of existing products are automatically covered.

For example, if you register SBNews today and I release a new version tomorrow, then you are automatically considered registered for the new version.

If you look at the revision history for a program such as SBNews, then you'll see that I am continually releasing new versions with additional user requested features, bug fixes, etc.

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