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Quick Number Base Converter



Quick Number Base converter is a tool primarily intended for programmers. As a programmer myself, I find myself often having to convert between hex and decimal, or even hex and binary. Before Quick Number Base Converter became available, I always had to resort loading up a calculator or a debugger to do the conversion.

But, all I really needed was a simple tool to convert between bases, and so that's why I wrote Quick Number Base Converter.

It sits in the windows system tray, waiting until you need it. One quick click, and it pops up a convenient dialog. It simultaneously converts between all of the following:

  • Binary
  • Decimal
  • Hex
  • Octal
  • Ascii
  • Windows Color Codes

The windows color code function is particularly useful -- there's often times when you need to pick a color and need to know the hex color code that corresponds to it. QNBC has a built in color picker where you can select the color, and then you can immediately see the hexadecimal code that corresponds to that color so you can use it in your software.


QNBC is free for noncommercial use. It has no disabled features and it's not a "lite" version intended to trick you into buying something. It's just a quick and nifty little system ray utility for you to use.

 If you do find it useful, you could consider sending me a small donation for my efforts, or checking out some of my other shareware programs.

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