Games Included
  • Astro Hunter 3D Deluxe
  • Beer Asteroids, Invaders, and Blaster
  • The Cerberus Incident
  • Missile Commander XP
  • Political Invaders
  • Scott's Space Invaders
  • Ultimate Asteroids Arcade Pack
  • When Icons Attack

Facts about Registering
  • Your registration is a lifetime registration. It does not expire.
  • Your registration covers all future versions and upgrades -- this means you never need to register again.
  • Your registration covers all future versions and upgrades -- this means you never need to register again.
  • Registration is a one-time fee
  • Online transactions are secure, using a secure server that is hosted by Verisign Payment Services.
  • The charge will appear on your credit card as "SB-Software"
  • Your privacy will be strictly protected.
  • Your registration code will be emailed to you immediately after you've completed the transaction.
  • You may also register by paypal, regnow, or by sending a check in the mail.

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Welcome to the arcade game registration page. Registering your game is important for many reasons. The first and foremost is that it supports me, the author, and allows me to continue creating more software. Registering your software also provides *you* with many great beneifts as well -- including removal of nags and unlocking levels and cheat codes in some of the games.

Option 1: Donation / Registration for Arcade Games Only (cost: $12.00)

This option will yield you a registration code that can be used for any and all of the arcade games (Astro Hunter 3D, Missile Commander, etc). The registration code is good for life, and covers all future versions, and can be used for any new arcade games that I create in the future.

Click the button to the left to register the arcade games via PayPal. It's great for people who already have a PayPal account!
[Cost: $ 12.00]

Option 2: Donation / Registration for the SB-Software Package Deal (cost: $26.95)

The "Package Deal" option gives you a registration code that works with not only the arcade games, but all of the other software listed on the SB-Software website (SBNews, QuadWeb, etc.). Your code is good for all future versions of those programs. This option is perfect for the user who wants the best value for his money -- you get all kinds of tools, including a wealth of news and web downloaders. You can download just about anything with this set of tools.

Click here to follow the link to the Package Deal!


Problems? I take pride in running the best online registration system around. If you have any trouble registering at all -- even if it is just something minor, then please email me at